🖐️Things I Love About Myself

Howdy. It's been a month away from my writing practice and I swear my absence was for good reasons (actually, they're all excuses.)  I was consumed by classes that started on August 21 (which doesn't explain why I didn't write from the 16th until the 20th) and then I was swamped with class and preparations … Continue reading 🖐️Things I Love About Myself


natalie portman is trying to tell me something 

one of my favorite podcasts (there are four, maybe i'll share later, in order of preference) is "Modern Love." The 20-30 minute audio program is based on the New York Times column of the same name, which has been publishing letters written by readers about "love, loss, and redemption" for more than a decade. the … Continue reading natalie portman is trying to tell me something