on wednesday, august 9, my colleague and i drove about 40 minutes south of our office to deliver a rousing "How to Write Your Resume In Two Easy Steps!" to a group of soon-to-be-released inmates at the Federal Correctional Institution. We are asked to do this service about twice a year by the Education Coordinator … Continue reading freedom


natalie portman is trying to tell me something 

one of my favorite podcasts (there are four, maybe i'll share later, in order of preference) is "Modern Love." The 20-30 minute audio program is based on the New York Times column of the same name, which has been publishing letters written by readers about "love, loss, and redemption" for more than a decade. the … Continue reading natalie portman is trying to tell me something 

three great things about today…

i mentioned this in a previous post but as i was reading a book about career choice--there was an exercise to practice gratitude and the instructions were to list three great things about today. i shared this with my colleagues at work and now it's an office-wide exercise we did at an official meeting! i … Continue reading three great things about today…