when i was a sophomore in college, i got the incredible opportunity to study abroad in france. paris, to be exact. the classes didn't have anything to do with my public relations major, which i adored. instead, they were focused on art, film, theater, literature. the only subjects appropriate for paris, at that time the … Continue reading derivé


dance party

around this time, two years ago, i started attending a dance class regularly.  Vixen Workout is by far one of the most life-changing experiences i've had so far.  its my favorite way to move, jump around and let my inner beyonce out.  see the video below: enjoy the video and get out there and dance! … Continue reading dance party

three great things 

i've been reading a book called "you majored in what?" and its purpose is to help young people discover their passions. it's filled with exercises to ponder our interests, our skills, strengths, the needs of the current workforce, etc. one of my favorite exercises it suggests to do is a practice derived from gratitude and … Continue reading three great things