so ambitious

reese witherspoon's essay for Glamour titled "We Have to Change the Idea That a Woman With Ambition Is Out Only for Herself" is noble in its intentions, but misses the mark on a macro level. her push to make women embrace "ambition" by listing off all her accomplishments (congrats for you, gorl) is misguided. i grew … Continue reading so ambitious


hail mary

i love university of florida football. every fall semester, i plan my saturday schedule around the gator game start time. today was no different. i was able to meet up with friends, new and old and enjoy an afternoon of nail-biting sports theater. it's almost silly how closely tied you can become to a team, … Continue reading hail mary

everything…or nothing…

now that im officially free from life's imposed quotidien demands, AKA a full-time job that neither fits my skill set or fulfill's my spiritual purpose, ive been worried about maintaining a routine with zero pressures and very little responsibility! as of right now i only have two 2.5 hour classes every week.  thats it. i can't … Continue reading everything…or nothing…