i have been having lower back pain for some time now, maybe years, but i always push through it. because of running, i have had injuries to my hip flexors, lower back pain, and to a lesser extent knee issues and even pain in my ankles.

working out is a sacrifice on your body but it’s also a gift. today, i had an unusual amount of back pain. i took anti-inflammatory medicine and had a heating pad on my back the majority of the day. i could barely walk and every time i sneezed i thought i was gonna pass out. all of a sudden, i’m praying for a healthy back. i can complain about not wanting to work out forever, but the second i might not actually be able to, my world falls apart. i need to honor and respect my

body for its ability to do all the deeply complex functions it completes day in and day out.

i am torn between going to the gym tomorrow (cautiously) or giving myself a day to rest and hope my body will heal itself.

not sure how it’ll go. i guess we’ll see at 5:45 am.


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