as part of my initiative to get to bed earlier, get more quality shut-eye and finally prioritize sleep, i took 10mg of melatonin last night. i didnt believe too much in its abilities but 😱.

it was lights out almost instantly. i slept a total of 8 hours and 43 minutes (according to my fittybitty!) i had two very vivid unpleasant dreams/nightmares where i felt (and remember) each emotion as if i was actually living it. melatonin is a natural supplement so i don’t think i overdosed, per se. but i definitely don’t need to take that much. i missed the gym, i was groggy all day and my body was sore all over. my pharmacist friend said 10mg was the highest recommended amount and obviously that is too much for me. yes, indeed. tonight i am going at it the old natural way, which explains why i’m up at 12:32am when i want to be up at 5:45am 🙄. there’s a balance here and i’m determined to find it!

good night.


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