i have been wanting a fitbit for a few months now, ever since i attended an orange theory class and felt motivated to put some outrageous numbers on the board. in the past, i’ve used basic sports watches during my half marathon training to set time goals, splits and other data. crunching numbers during a run really pushes me to try harder.

but crunch no more. i finally got a fitbit today!! through a good friend’s employee discount, i got an awesome price on the Charger 2. the functions i’m most interested in is calories burned, steps taken, heart rate and the sleep assessment. as i’ve mentioned in this blog previously, i am aware that i do not get enough sleep. i am trying to be mindful of that, just as i am of food and exercise. i need at least 7 hours a night.

although a bit of a splurge during times of famine (or how my dad says ‘las vacas estan flacas’–the cows are skinny) i am super excited to track my goals with a fun new gadget to keep me on my toes.

oh–and the gps function!!! i signed up for my sixth half marathon and i’m excited to start training! ⚡️⌚️⚡️


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