everything…or nothing…

now that im officially free from life’s imposed quotidien demands, AKA a full-time job that neither fits my skill set or fulfill’s my spiritual purpose, ive been worried about maintaining a routine with zero pressures and very little responsibility! as of right now i only have two 2.5 hour classes every week.  thats it. i can’t think of anyone over five years old that has a comparative level of freedom. its almost dangerous and thrilling. i have time to do everything….or nothing…

my motto thus far is “i have eight months to accomplish my dreams!” to keep myself motivated. the number one goal right now being to find a job in my field.  i am deeply, passionately committed to intelligence work.  i am thrilled by the idea of sitting in a room, immersing myself in research that would make me a subject matter expert of many things.  although I have no law enforcement or military experience, i would like to be the scholar behind the scenes who provides pivotal background information for important initiatives.

long term, i’d love to present at large events, share knowledge and educate others.  maybe write books, although im not sure on what.  memoirs or theme-based? i am committed to having this blog project help me expand  my writing practice and solidify a strategic approach to writing–writing when i dont feel like it, writing when i am lacking inspiration, writing when the words all sound terrible.  that is the point of a commitment like this.

i guess the toughest part is making this life pivot worthwhile.  i need to actively and strategically make this sacrifice worth it, by finding the job of my dreams and finally entering the field that makes me come alive.

any advice from the interwebs? please leave a comment!



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