bad dates

dear russian bots aka my followers–i’ve been terrible. i’ve been so passive about missing writing assignments for the blog. i’m not sure what my nights are looking like, but the most important thing is cranking out entries!!! it’s been a while and the more days go by, instead of trying to get back on the horse, i avoid it even more!

last week i went on two bad dates. one of them was guy i was (am?) interested in..he is thoughtful and sweet, although very honest about not having time for anything serious. we’ve spent time together before (right before me and favorite ex got together) and i really enjoyed spending time with him so i figured…sure, why not? well i know why not. we have zero to talk about. he is driven by money and i  am not (not even a bit, which is probably not good) and on top of that he kept on checking out other women. it wasn’t a recipe for disaster, per se…but I did laugh all the way home thinking that meeting up with him was a terrible idea. 

the second date was also someone i viewed as a potential suitor a year ago but obviously mr. favorite ex came along and put everyone to shame. but here i am single again so i figured it was worth a shot. even just texting for a few days i realized this had been a terrible mistake. this guy, while sweet, applied so much pressure that i wanted to squirm away immeadiately!! gentlemen, don’t lay it on so thick, ok? in two days he was already promising to “bring down the stars for you.” ick! i don’t know you and you don’t know me. i could be a terrible person! would you pull down the stars for a terrible person? you shouldn’t. we went on a date and i was very honest with him about where i am at emotionally (unavailable…to you). he didn’t get it, bless his heart. it took me nine tries for me to explain, word-for-word: “i am overextending myself in work and school, but even if i had time, i would try to work things out with me ex. that’d be my number one priority.” and he was still like, so can i call you? No!

all in all, it was a fun weekend with little responsibilities. i spent a lot of time outdoors, with family and on these two dates. all i can do is laugh and wait til the universe decides what’s the move out here.  bad dates? hey at least i’m putting myself out there!


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