greet the day 

“We cannot force God to stumble over us where we sit. But I know that it’s a good idea to sit anyway. So every morning I sit, I kneel, waiting, making friends with the habit of listening, hoping that I’m being listened to. There, I greet God in my own disorder. I say hello to my chaos, my unmade decisions, my unmade bed, my desire and my trouble. I say hello to distraction and privilege, I greet the day. I recognise and greet my burdens, my luck, my controlled and uncontrollable story. I greet my untold stories, my unfolding story, my unloved body, my own love, my own body. I greet the things I think will happen and I say hello to everything I do not know about the day. I greet my own small world and I hope that I can meet the bigger world that day. I greet my story and hope that I can forget my story during the day, and hope that I can hear some stories, and greet some surprising stories during the long day ahead. Hello to you all, I say, as the sun rises above the chimneys of North Belfast. Hello.”

i was listening to an interview of an Irish poet and theologian and the interviewer asks him to read this excerpt from his book. i heard it and i replayed it and then i went online to find the transcript for the interview. i copied and pasted onto my iPhone notes because the quiet peace this string of words brings is something i want readily available in the palm of my hand. 

what a beautiful thought–that no one knows for sure the existence of god’s kingdom, yet here we sit listening for it. let’s greet the day for the wonder and excitement it will bring. or maybe the sorrow and despair. the truth is we do not know what each day holds for us, and yet we should wake up and praise it anyway. i used to believe in miracles and love and powerful unexplainable connections. i thought god was alive in all the things that affect us deeply. now, i know god exists outside, far and away–not responsible for anything that happens. just waiting for us to react and judging us based on that. i do not see each event of the day as a burden or a blessing–i just observe. amused. greatful for the chance to experience a new tomorrow. 


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