losin my temper

today i admit i lost my temper. i’m usually gentle and sweet-natured. although there are examples of me losing my cool, they are few and far between. however, today was one for the ages. i went to bed late and i woke up upset. i thought working out would help but it did not. i was upset all morning as i showered, as i got ready for work and as i got in my car. angrier still as my head steamed driving to work. i came to work ready to hiss at anyone who dared even look my way. 

i think that i’m stressed about my dads exams and upset about the state of affairs of this country. that combination makes for a high-pressure situation. 

i stewed in my office, music blasting and snapped at my coworker who was just trying to have friendly morning banter. at that point, i knew i should ask to go home instead of creating such an nasty environment. and i did. 

and even on the worst day, i can honestly say i am so grateful. i am grateful that i am in a position where i can ask my job to please let me go home for the day. i was able to come home, rest, watch a few episodes of The Office and cool down. that is my true takeaway from today. even in the worst parts of your days, there is still something to be thankful for. 


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