a different kind of list

i usually do my “three things im grateful for today list” and even though i’ve had an amazing day today, i’m also feeling a bit emotional. so, i decided to write a list today that acknowledges the things im struggling with:

  • my dad, who happens to be my favorite person on the planet, is going through a series of tests, including a biopsy. i am trying to stay away from worst-case scenario thoughts because they serve zero purpose until all his tests are done. but my dad means the world to me and i cannot wrap my head around anything but a clean bill of health for him
  • this administration. as someone well-versed in political science and international relations i am continually disgusted with the attitude and personality of the president. i am so frustrated most days. i am beginning to feel hopeless. 
  • there was a car robbery situation a few blocks from my house. i live in a peaceful neighborhood but i worry about being exposed to danger in a relatively dim street. i’ve emailed my landlord to see if she knew about the incident. 

in meditation and mindfulness, there is an emphasis on recognizing and acknowledging unpleasant thoughts. allowing your mind experience their presence and then letting them drift along, because that is all they are–thoughts. 

this is my acknowledgement. now, please move on. 💆🏽


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