fridays are an absolute delight in the summer.  my office is closed on fridays (we work 10 hour days Mon-Thurs to complete a full 37.5 hour work week) which gives me an extra day of freedom to write papers for grad school.

today, i woke up at 5:50am, worked out, came home, showered, put on pajamas and got right back in bed by 7:30am.  Then i proceeded to sleep soundly and peacefully until 11:30am and what a glorious morning that was.  My perfect day consists of an early-bird killer workout, warm shower, delicious long nap and THEN going about my day.

but despite a lovely start to my day, its been a crappy day for other reasons:

  • wonderful ex has been reaching out and its been messing with me mentally (my heart says “love me again!” my head says “leave me alone until September and then…love me again!”)
  • my mother does not approve of my future professional plans which include a pretty radical upheaval of my life. sometimes she says she is supportive and says she trusts my decisions–i am 30 years old and all, and sometimes she adds a massive amount of stress to an already-terrifying decision

my cluttered thoughts meant i was lacking motivation to GET MY DAY GOING, so i decided to watch a netflix documentary instead and came across a movie that explores the question “How might your life be better with less?”

Watch the trailer here:
Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

After serving with the Peace Corps, I began to see American consumerism culture in a new light. I lived in such peace, tranquility, fulfillment and serenity with no air conditioning, no wifi, no facebook or instagram, no refrigeration, no car, no killer pair of heels, no favorite restaurant and NO MONEY.  now, i have all of those things and experience anxiety more often than id like to admit.  its a strange experience to have grown up in this culture, been completely removed from it for two years and then jump back in. it’s like my brain had to slowly reconcile two completely different existences and even three years later, i still long for that wholesome, simple feeling. watching the minimalism documentary reignited that part of my brain that understands the real significance of whats important to be human.  i feel challenged to undertake that lifestyle but at the same time i question — can i really be a minimalist when no one around me will understand what am i trying to achieve? its like im standing at the edge of the ocean, where the sand and water meet and I can feel the water rushing over my bare feet, i have a desire to jump in and swim, but i am scared that once i leave the shore, there is a point of no return.  the hippie part of me is calling, but can i ever come back to be “normal” in the US? i have all these thoughts but no community to support it. sigh. the burden of being a border-dweller.

anyway–watch the movie. rethink the things you place value on.


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