three great things about today…

i mentioned this in a previous post but as i was reading a book about career choice–there was an exercise to practice gratitude and the instructions were to list three great things about today. i shared this with my colleagues at work and now it’s an office-wide exercise we did at an official meeting! i love spreading gratitude and positivity–it literally changes lives.

for my post today, i’d like to share three great things about today:

  • woke up early and challenged myself at my 6am workout πŸ˜ͺ
  • attended a community event with my colleague that was a lot of fun. we networked with great people and spent some time outside of the office
  • lunch was catered at the office by my favorite mediterranean food restaurant–RICE House of Kabob πŸ˜‹

in reality, today’s list could have been ten items long. filled with laughter, interesting news, and fun conversations. so grateful and thankful for wonderful days like today. jam-packed but worth it in the company of great colleagues and classmates πŸ™πŸΎ try making your own “three great things” list and add it in the comments! i’d love to see everyone’s response!

#brightside #always


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