how is it that i have not posted in two days?! i have the wordpress app on my phone, for goodness sakes. my intention is to post every. single. day. no excuses. this is the thing about setting a goal. sometimes you fall short and that’s fine.  the point is to get back on the horse and keep trying. so i imagine many of my future posts will begin by chastising myself for missing some days of writing but the important thing is..i’m promising to get back on it. 


ok, so today’s random musing is about probably one of the most important functions of the human body–SLEEP! i’ll be honest, i’m terrible about sleep. i always feel like i can power through with very little sleep and figure it out as the day goes along. that means i’m drinking coffee, listening to music, anything that gives me the jolt i need midday. then i get home and i’m wide awake. it’s like i want to resist sleep when it’s exactly what i should be doing.  

at some point last year (or maybe even two years ago) i listened to a podcast on the importance of sleep and it blew my mind! i was shocked at the long-term damage that sleep deprivation can cause. it’s astounding.  not getting enough sleep is linked to all sorts of illnesses, everything from being overweight to alzheimer’s. your body and brain need sleep hours to recharge and revitalize your organs and every night you deprive it of this function, you’re creating permanent damage. 
this weekend in particular i’ve been getting 7-9 hours of sleep and on top of feeling absolutely glorious–it’s made me realize how little rest i usually get. so this post is to serve as a reminder that rest and sleep are going to be just as high on the priority list as writing and working and working out. no ifs, and or buts. 

good night! 😴😴😴


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