amor amor amor

when i lived in peru for two years, one of my favorite things to do was watch “Esto es Guerra,” a reality tv show, similar to MTV’s road rules show (kind of) but filmed in a studio.  young, attractive and scantily clad peruvians competed in various funny and physical obstacles every night, and for added drama, some of the cast mates dated, separated and put it all out there for evening audiences to devour each night — and devour i did!

every once in a while, in the three years ive been back, i will endulge in hours of catching up with peruvian reality tv stars on youtube –embarassing!!  its almost shameful the amount of time ive wasted watching whats called “farandula” in spanish.  if you think the kardashians cross the line exposing their private lives, you aint seen nothin yet!  its mesmerizing.  when i lived in peru i was deeply heartbroken, had no suitors, missed a man terribly and thought i’d certainly die alone. these smokin hot personalities let me live vicariously through their lives. they’d break up, get back together, bestow lavish gifts, and have theatrical fights, all for my viewing pleasure. ah love.

Image result for esto es guerra 2012

los amo chicos!!


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