i am in the thick of my two summer B courses as I barrel through classes in my master’s program.  my in-person course is in disaster management and humanitarian aid.  for our big paper (worth a significant chunk of my grade) i’ve got to choose a disaster and focus on certain aspects of it.  that means im here racking my brain trying to choose terrible occurrences to obsess over for the next two weeks.  kind of dark–but in reality its super interesting and important to learn about for anyone seeking a career in public service and emergency response management.

my first two choices are the 2011 tohoku earthquake, more commonly known as the catalyst for the fukushima nuclear disaster OR the 2004 indian ocean earthquake and tsunami.  i am waiting for confirmation from my professors that either will be good topics.  for this graduate program i’ve decided to write and focus on different events and topics i have zero knowledge on. im really trying to gain as much insight into world affairs as i can through this program.  the following have been subjects matters ive learned about:

-Boko Haram in Nigeria

-Narcoterrorism in Colombia

-Terrorist activity in Tunisia

-Human Trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

although i do love and adore learning so much (since all my blog posts are really all about *love* and why you should consider grad school i figured that was a dead giveaway) i am deeply terrified for the next three months.  aside from two graduate classes, i am also working full time and focused on kicking butt at the gym.  oh my gosh, its so much. disaster is what i feel my life is going to be from now until september.  i am mentally preparing to be drained, to be a hermit, to be so boyfriend-less and friend-less and drink-less.  i feel like i have to power through these months and then ill be handsomely rewarded.

please? universe? thanks!

ps. i realize some blog posts are way cooler than others. but thats not the point of this lil experiment. the point is to incorporate the practice of writing so deeply into my daily life that even on the days im not feeling inspired or poetic, i WILL WRITE and if its not so great, well..keep coming back for the days ive got something worth reading, will ya? thanks!


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