4:44 – my advice

this is the kind of artistry that touches your soul because you can appreciate the humanity in two of the most famous people on the planet. it’s beautiful. 

but ladies, hear me out! before you start swooning and wishing your man would come to his senses and tell you he won’t ever go Eric Benet, read below:

first of all, their love is one for the ages, as two of the most successful and enigmatic artists of recent time. this is not the lame who you are in a situationship with for the past two years. the one who one day is certain you are “the one” and then the next can’t even bother to text “good morning.” jay z is damn near 50,  talks about going to therapy, has just bared his soul for the world to see and is fighting to keep his marriage alive. they have kids, a billion dollars to worry about and honestly there’s no one else in the world for either of them. that’s why they power through the darkest times of their marriage and decide to stay together. the tadpole you keep giving the time of day to IS NOT JAY-Z. please, rediscover the things you love to do for yourself, go out there and do them. then, open your vibes to attract all the wonderful, intelligent, attentive, attractive, emotionally available, adventurous men out there that want to take you out on real dates and listen intently to all your stories. they are out there, they exist! queen, you need to put THIS ONE back where you found him and move on!

i don’t believe in going through hell for anyone, anymore. 

my advice: don’t be too nice to tadpoles. 

(go listen to 4:44 right now!)


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