stupid discipline 

yesterday was a legitimate lapse in judgement combined with a long and exhausting day:

6am: gym

8-6pm: work

6-7pm: therapy

7:00-midnight: favorite cousin’s birthday event 

trying to do all of that while running between coral gables and broward was exhausting. my mind didn’t even realize i was dodging my hour-a-day writing assignment. fine. this is my first “get out of jail free” card. 

BUT TODAY–no excuse! got home from working out at a decent time, had no plans, could have put together a perfectly crafted blog post that would have changed lives. instead, i sat on social media for a mindless 3 hours–here’s an extensive list of stupid things i did INSTEAD of writing:

-look up the gym trainers on IG to see if they had posted anything of me during my workout

-look up the booty workout class instructor on ig..she is RIPPED

-reactions and commentary about 4:44

-scrolled through twitter looking at puppy videos

-scrolling through twitter for the funniest replies to trump’s tweets 

-start and re-start the “happy” documentary on netflix

-considered texting the cutie uber driver who brought me home once upon a time not long ago (i did it)

-back to twitter for some scrolling fun

-THEN decided to give today’s post the good il’ college try. 

I had to get something out. if not, i wouldn’t be able to live with myself! 



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