brains. beauty. booty.

The only other title I strongly considered for this blog was brains. beauty. booty. i can’t remember when i first uttered this perfect string of alliteration (did i even come up with it or did i overhear someone else say it and over time *casually* gave myself credit for such a witty and appropriate phrase to describe me?) either way, i’ve said it out loud to way too many people whenever im feelin’ like a baddie. i even used it as an instagram caption for a picture of me dressed up as Beyonce circa Halloween 2015.  i thought i was so creative and original, so imagine my surprise when the domain name was close to $3,000— which got me thinking about how lucrative the domain name business is.  with my first choice gone, i settled for my second favorite way to refer to myself, although this time i have to give credit to the creator of this phrase (hey E!)

alas, part hippie, part hip hop diva was born. blogging here is my early 2000’s way of becoming more disciplined about my writing.  i’ve missed it terribly since the end of  and for years ive been perpetuating the excuse that “after peace corps, i dont have anything to say.”  thats a damn lie.  i have plenty to say. i dont know if its any good, but the point is to practice.

one hour of writing. daily.  the truth is, i have ten billion thoughts a day, which i grandiosely believe are worth recording.  my hope is that writing an hour a day will cut through the clutter of my mind, and hopefully, just maybe i can put something together that is profound and thoughtful and genuine.

i have yet to figure out why others would want to read this, or if there’s any chance in hell to monetize my musings, but ill close out the first post with the following quote:

“you write because there is a fire in your bones. you’ve got to do this whether anybody ever reads it or not.”

-(shit, should i get a nom de plume?)


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