i have been having lower back pain for some time now, maybe years, but i always push through it. because of running, i have had injuries to my hip flexors, lower back pain, and to a lesser extent knee issues and even pain in my ankles. working out is a sacrifice on your body but … Continue reading injury


guess who’s coming to dinner

everyone!! today is my best friend's birthday--the big 3-1! she invited all her (our) groups friends from years in high school, college and coworkers to celebrate at an outdoor restaurant with amazing music, delicious food and refreshing cocktails. all in all, there were 22 of us in attendance! my best friend and i, we went … Continue reading guess who’s coming to dinner

everything…or nothing…

now that im officially free from life's imposed quotidien demands, AKA a full-time job that neither fits my skill set or fulfill's my spiritual purpose, ive been worried about maintaining a routine with zero pressures and very little responsibility! as of right now i only have two 2.5 hour classes every week.  thats it. i can't … Continue reading everything…or nothing…